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We manufacture and supply test station sprayers: TSP 02, 03, 04...

The device is copyrighted utility model No.8731

Technical description:
TSP O4 Test Station ensures measurement and testing:

  • measuring of lateral nonuniformity of sprinkler arm (MPN)
  • measuring of nonuniformity of individual nozzles (measuring of MNR sprayers)
  • measuring and calibration of flow-meter (MCP)
  • measuring and calibration of pressure gauge (MCT)

   Test Station TSP 04      Test Station TSP 04

New functions as compared with TSP 03:

  • Flow measurement of up to 10 sprayer nozzles (MRO)
  • Data recording of all functions of the last ten sprinklers
  • Assessment of flow deviation measurements in percentages and pressure gauge directly in the TSR control system (no need to download to PC)

We are preparing:

Preliminary evaluation of MPN variations as per selected nozzles directly in TSP (no need to download to PC)

General description of the station TSP 04

The station consists of the following:

  • frame made of aluminum profiles
  • measuring ogee /removable/
  • traveling motor unit including measuring and control
  • mechanism for manual quick moving
  • Pb accumulators
  • pipe system for measuring and calibration of the flow meter and pressure gauge
  • measuring glasses for measurement of lateral nonuniformity
  • discharge device of measuring glasses incl. temperature sensor
  • folding computer holder
  • set of 10 pcs. of 2-m tracks
  • 22-m long pool made of durable PVC foil including support aluminum structure
  • measuring, evaluation and control system

The control system checks the voltage of accumulators, when a voltage drop below preset level is detected (default value 22.5 V), the system blocks functions and it is necessary to recharge accumulators using the charger unit provided as an accessory.

Improvement of TSP design as compared with TSP 03:

  • New, more powerful travelling unit with a unified transmission and speed control (the station travels substantially faster and reaches the preset position faster).
  • New, compact unified actuator for measuring glass closing lid control.
  • New AmiT control system that can accept a further upgrade of functions and operator comfort and data saving of 10 different sprinklers (optionally further upgrade as necessary).
  • New control valve with actuator for pressure and flow control (valve actual position scanning and more accurate control)
  • Connecting of tracks by means of quick couplers and improvement of interconnecting track joints guidance (interconnecting nonuniformity is limited)

     Test Station TSP 04      Test Station TSP 04

Functional description of the station

1. Measuring of lateral nonuniformity (MPN)

MPN is achieved through an ogee, a set of measuring glasses, and the discharge and traveling mechanism.
The principle of measuring consists in measuring times necessary for reaching prescribed levels in individual measuring glasses, which are located under individual grooves (100 mm width) of the ogee (1,000 mm width) and their conversion to the unit time.

Volume of measuring glasses is approximately 500 ml. As ? measuring glasses and distance of measuring electrodes can be entered in the control system, the vessel size can be delivered based on operator requirements.

The water volume is corrected using the coefficient of expansibility according to the actual temperature of water measured. This correction is reflected in recorded flow values.
The accuracy of the station’s movement on track can be set up on the terminal up to ± 0.1 mm, however to the detriment of time necessary for setting the station into its required position.

- On the terminal of the control system, we select the MPN function using F1 button.
- The whole station is moved so that the left edge of the ogee is located under the axis of the first nozzle of the sprinkler.
- Then the measuring process is started on the MPN main display.
- The control system checks and controls the whole measurement process.
- First of all, discharge of measuring glasses is closed, then time necessary for reaching individual levels in measuring glasses is measured (during flowing, the system compares sequence and times of flowing in with preset parameters), - then the system moves to the following position and during movement it discharges measuring glasses.

- After setting in the following position, the whole process repeats until the last nozzle is reached (the arm length is set). The data measured is stored in the control system memory and after logging into the system (“Download data” and indication by pilot light) and connection of the cable, data can be downloaded to a PC for further evaluation.

SW TSP O4 improvement over TSP 03:

- Simpler control and adjustment (overall length of arm is adjusted only – it is limited to 64m – as compared with 24m in TSP 03).
- More accurate time measuring – sampling frequency of TSP 04 is 10-times faster, i.e. measuring is 10-times more accurate
- Number of sprinkler can be selected as required, thereby data of all functions of all 10 different sprinklers can stored (can be extended, as required)
- Data can be stored after one pass has been measured (depending on track length, additional tracks can be provided) and after any MPN defects have been ascertained
- Manual selection of the station position on the tracks is possible (once the faulty sector has been ascertained and the nozzles are subsequently repaired, only the faulty sector can be measured – ogee width - and there is no need to repeat measuring of the whole arm).

2. Measuring of sprinklers (MRO)

- After installation of the measuring sleeve, the same components as in case of MPN are used.
- The outer pairs of grooves to be ignored can be selected by a setting on the terminal; the objective is to reduce time necessary for measuring. Moreover, the value acting on the nozzle is entered to this required pressure.
The station controls pressure automatically (appropriate hoses need to be connected). The measurement accuracy is the same as in case of MPN.
Pressure is measured with a standard accuracy of 0.35%.
After measurement starts a measuring process, the data is again stored in the control system memory.

SW TSP O4 improvement over TSP 03:

- Number of nozzles in which measuring can be performed is brought up to 10x10 nozzles (in case of need, the number can be also extended up to the amount required by the customer)
- The overall flow of up to ten nozzles can be measured (after an accessory has been added)
- Measuring accuracy is also 10-times better
Measuring and calibration of pressure (MCT) and flow meter (MCP). Measuring is ensured by the same system as in the case of the MCP. The same applies to the accuracy. Controlled pressure gauge has to be fixed to prepared screwed joint.
Measuring can be done manually; pressure values are set manually and after stabilization, we enter values into the terminal of the compared pressure gauge and measuring is started. During measurement, the system enables control of the preset minimum flow through the system (to avoid clogging of pipes).
Measurement is safeguarded by a measuring pipe system, where a turbine flow-meter with electronic input, piezoelectric pressure sensor and control valve are mounted. Overpressure in the system is secured by using a safety valve. After completion of all pump parameters - min. flow and pressure, working flow and pressure and max. flow and pressure, measuring can be started.

SW TSP O4 improvement over TSP 03:

  • Both measurements were unified in one for the sake of simplification
  • To simplify attendance, only manual handling of the control valve has been chosen
  • In addition, the extent of tested pressure gauge and flow-meter are entered and on these measured values, the station calculates percentage variation in the pressure gauge and flow-meter, without the need to download data to PC.
  • No need to enter measured flow – the station will record a value automatically when pressure gauge values are entered
  • Pressure sensor accuracy is enhanced up to 0.35%

Benefits of TSP:
  • all functions are integrated into a single instrument
  • only one control system is used for all functions
  • data download is through a cable only (no floppy disks nor data boxes are needed)
  • thanks to modular structure, comfortable transport and minimum dimensions is needed
  • easy disassembly of ogee, due to design it is possible to use up to 1.5m length
  • variability of used measuring glasses and ogees
  • modifications in design possible, depending on customer requirements
  • minimum power demand
  • favourable price

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